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    Question Is this deca fake?

    Has anybody seen or heard of green cap decas. They come in 2cc amps with green caps and they are 200mgs per cc. They are all over my gym. The only thing is. they expire in 04/02. I dont exactly know what company manufactures them, i think I heard someone say organon, noy to sure. Are these real? And if so are they still good. I mean they are going around for real cheap.

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    my money goes on them being fake, unless they are rebottled. Organon doesnt make 200mgs/ml

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    Re: Is this deca fake?

    Originally posted by Nico
    They are all over my gym.
    You make it sound as if it's an easter egg hunt to find these friggin things. What gym do you lift at? I'll be there tomorrow with my Bunny outfit on that my grandmother made for me way back when, and my little easter basket and we can go hunting together....

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    ive never seen nothing cheap at any gym.......but i would bet that they are bunk.

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