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    Unhappy Givin' myself that all important shot.......

    OK it finally happened and I'm pissed as hell. I've depended on a workout buddy who has been giving me my weekly shots (did a damn good job of it). Now just as I had feared he hasnt been showing up at the gym. I'm overdue four days on a deca shot and I fear this might become a pattern with him as far as dependability. My question is, is it that difficult to give the shot to yourself? I'm not squeamish about this in any way, but I naturally want to do this right, and I'm talking about the "traditional" rear end locations. I don't know of anyone who can give me the shot and the sad thing is my cycle is doing so well. So any advice? Something tells me I'm not alone on this subject.......

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    you need to do the shot yourself... please dont get behind on the shots because it will make your blood concentrations fluxuate... keep them steady.
    later bro

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    if you don't feel comfortable putting it in your glute, stab that thing in your quad. Go to to get the exact spot.
    Why depend on someone else? Are you not very flexible?

    Step 1: grow some balls
    step 2: inject

    Or you can go to the educational forum, there is an article that goes into detail.

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    Take it from me Bro, always do it yourself. In this game, the only one you can always count on to be there for you is yourself. Not saying never rely on someone, but never leave yourself totally in their hands.

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