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    feelings after taking 2 shots


    Stats-5'9, 190lbs., 12%bf, 21 yrs.

    1st cycle 500mg test c/week. I took my 2nd shot yesterday and aside from soreness at the injection site, I don't really feel pumped or anythign different. feel a mild fever like the 1st shot and thats about it. obviously too early for weight gains.

    No sides, no extra energy or anything good/bad(aside from mild fever). is this normal?

    Is 500mg/week really enough?

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    yes it is normal.. and you are on track..

    it's called test flu
    The answer to your every question


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    Test flu as the test levels slowly raise (ya bodys not used to it)

    And test cyp will be reaching peak levels to 4-5 weeks in.
    You should feel sex drive increase bu the end of week 2 though for def.

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    man, i am alsways hard. b4 cycle, i used to do my girl in the morning, 30 min later im trying to hide my boner in my boxers at work or school throughout the day until i get it taken care of in the evening. Now with on cycle, i am still having my regular boners every 2-3 hours. i just get so horny man, my last girl broke up with me cause she thought i thought she wasnt good enough. sometimes i cant sleep on my stomach cause my magic stick hurts against the bed when i am hard and can't sleep on my back cause my ass gets sore from the shot.anyway, are those boners normal?

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