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    no injection pain, week 10

    I just took my week 10 injection of t400. Up until this week I have had pretty significant soreness after each shot for up to a week. Sometimes it has been accompanied by swelling and even flu like symptoms.

    I took a shot yesterday morning and there is no pain at all. I mean nothing, not even a little. This is great for me, cause it has literally been so bad that I haven't even been able to do cardio or intense leg workouts.

    I think I had the perfect injection. In the quad, there wasn't even a drop of blood after I pulled out the needle.....hmmmmmmm.

    Just thinking out loud.

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    Your muscles are probably getting used to the oil. Congrats

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    No Steroids for you..NEXT
    You Popped you muscles cherry... congrats dude

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    aint it great

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