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    Can I get back on a cycle?

    Last September I was diagnossed with an automune diasese. Basically my platelet count is extremely low. It flucuates from 15K to 50K. They can not figure out how to get it back up. I am getting anoyed because I feel great, the only thing that ever happens is I get some bruises. I am on prdnisone and cylosporin. I want to get back on at least some test. Through this whole thing I have lost about 20 punds. The doctor thinks no of this has anything to do with previoes steroid use . I would ask him if he thought it was ok, but I know what his answer will be. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.

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    I dont know man, I wouldnt do it. You are already on two harsh compounds. Prednisone a corticosteroids and Cyclosporine. Why did they give you something so strong as cyclosporine versus something like Imuran? Im guessing they will gradually take you off the corticosteroid as soon as the immuno-suppressant takes full effect. I would wait to be taken off first.

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