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    Question about IGF w. HGH and AAS

    So I got the new book the bros of th site put together and have been reading a lot about using IGF while you are taking HGH and AS.. I am currently 5'10 216lbs ..w/ 10-11% bf .. been working out on and off for years - different routines not only weights.. combat condition (after i hurt my back) and some other things as well ...
    I am currently on cycle .. I respond well to AS so I dont take killer amounts..
    I started off like this ..

    weeks 1-12 250mg enat
    weeks 1-6 250 deca
    weeks 1-12 100 mgs/prop eod
    weeks 1- 6 2 iu's HGH ed
    weeks 4 -12 300mgs primo per week
    weeks 7-12 probably thru in either masteron or winny
    weeks 7-12 3 ius HGH
    T3/T4 combo (armour) weeks 1-6..... 1 a day
    weeks 7-12+ 2 a day
    I have enough HGH to stay on for 2 yrs right now @ 2-3 iu's a day
    I will also be taking HMG ED to keep the balls in check ..

    I am really considering through in IGF to the mix .. I have not been on cycle in about 4/5 yrs and so far I am seeing really good results .. I have never done a very long cycle but I am thinking that this is going to be the one big one I do - I have had friends who have stayed on for a year but I am in no way looking to go that nuts ...
    Any thoughts or ideas? Ideally I would like to get down to about 200lbs and 4-6% bf ... I run 2 miles 3-4 times a week in the morning on an empty stomach ..and usually cut my carbs 5 hours before I go to sleep ..
    I had blood work done recently and all systems go ..

    How synergestically does IGF work with HGH and AS ? Will I see even more fat loss and lean muscle gain throwing it in ..

    I also have 4 bottles of tren laying around and have heard that stuff is amazing for staying shredded but also very toxic .. I've never used it before.
    Any thoughts ? ideas ? I am looking for people who have 1st hand experience to comment here.. hopefully some of the vets/mods - Thanks for your time bros
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    why run deca so low, and for only 6 weeks?
    Also primo dose is too low 500+ atleast 800-1000 is where its good

    IGF works well with AAS... havent used it with HGH so i dont know, but i would assume it would be great since both make your body produce more of both

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    anyone else have first hand experience ? the reason I ran it low and short is because its so long acting in the body - plus i stacking and as I said I respond VERY well to AS so why blow my receptors out on higher dosages when I get great results at lower ones... why take that risk if I don't have to ..
    anyone with 1st hand experience out there? im wondering if these too ar really THAT synergistic ... the book makes it out like its a waste to do it without it ... ::shrugs::

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