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    TestE,Tren,EQ,Winny Cycle ?

    I am running a cycle of Test E 750mg per week Wk 1-12or16, Tren E 200 per week weeks 1-6, EQ 400 a week Wk1-10or12 and Winny Weeks 7-12or16. I am probably going to run the cycle to 16. I have plenty of Winny @ 50 mg per ml, I have around 60 ml. Didn't know if I should run the winny EOD at 50mg or 100mg. Or should I do 50 ed or 25 ed. Just don't know how much I need to make good gains. I don't want to wast my time so I would like to get a feel for what others would do. I have been off and on cycles for around 5 or 6 years so I have done my fair share of cycles but have only used winny a couple of times. I am 6'0 215 and have a skinny frame but a little bit of bloating right now around the belly. I just want to take enough to rip me out put on a few pounds and maintain some of my gains. Any feedback would be great
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    i would do something like this since you have 8 years of training and 6-8 cycles under your belt.
    1-16 750mgs test enth a week
    1-14 400mgs eq a week
    1-8 tren 300-400mgs a week
    9-16 winny 50mgs a day
    the tren/winny/test combo will make you strong as he11 and you should easily be able to gain a good 15lbs of high quality muscle during this cycle as well as harden up if your diet is clean enough. just keep your daily protein intake at around 1.5-2 grams per lb/bw

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    Any PCT?All that gear I wouldn't even start until I had all my PCT.HCG ,Armidex,Clomid.I normally don't use HCG but you've got a pretty heavy cycle here to say the least.Get your PCT in order before you start.Lot of serious compounds there buddy.

    Potential sides

    Sore joints
    Hair loss
    Testicular hypertrophy
    Low Test post cycle
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