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    throat pain & lower back pain

    I am on:

    Test c - 500mg per week
    Tren E - 250mg per week
    D-bol - 30 a day

    Clen 7days on and off (just started two days ago after a 14 day week with 7 days rest)

    Now I have some good gains, But I was in the gym on Monday, and went to do squats, I always start with the weight that I had on, but for some reason it felt stiff and hurt to walk when I did my Frist squat. I tryed to keep going on with other workouts but nothing was happening. Now I heard that tren may be one of the problems here.

    Now with my Throat not sure if it is a flu or from clen or maybe tren. But it all came on pretty hard. My breathing isn't the greatest, nose is all dry and stuffed.

    anyways if you can help me out that be cool.

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    tren flu

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