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    cutting cycle dosage help.....

    im 6'0, 195lbs-200lbs, bodyfat 10%-12%.....been training for around 10yrs and cycling gear on and off for about 5yrs.....been thinking of running the following:
    1-16 sustanon 500mg
    1-14 equipose 450mg
    1-8 anavar 50mg/d
    8-14 trenbolone ace 400mg
    so what do u guys think, should i stick with the dosages i have.....the dosage per cc im getting is as followes:
    sustanon 250mg per cc
    equipose 300mg per cc
    anavar 10mg per tab
    trenbolone acetate 250mg per cc

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    id run the cycle a little shorter 16 weeks to long imo

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