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    I am currently taking 500mg of Deca and 200mg of test per week. I am also taking 4iu's of HGH per day (will do this for 5 months). I am in my 5th week of a 10 week cycle. I have managed to go from 175lbs to 192lbs in 5 weeks with proper training and clean eating. I recently did my fat percentage and it was at 17%. I was told to use Winstrol for the next 5 weeks for "cutting".
    I read up on it and my concern is that I have an on going problem with my rotator cuff/joint and apparently Winstrol can make your joints worse.

    What shall I do? Should I still take it and how much? or are there other alternatives that aren't going to effect my joints?


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    If you already have joint problems, personally I would skip the winny and tweak your diet/cardio.

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    If you just recently took your bodyfat, and it was 17% and your eating clean, what the heck was it before you started your cycle.....

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