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    Question I need some answers

    Im about to start my cycle of test cyp, deca , and tren thinking about taking the test once a week, same with the deca, and the tren im gonna do not really trying to gain weight im just trying to cut down really and maybe put a few extra pounds on.....the only reason im taking the test is so i dont get deca dick....or fina dick...seeing as how those 2 are notorious for that...i wanted to get test prop but it wasnt available and im about to be moving so i just said **** and and gimme what you i need to worry about water retention more with the test cause it aint you guys think that the tren will take care of just curious what to expect......i was also thinking about adding some masteron the last 4 weeks or so if i can get my hands on it......just let me know whats up and suggestions would be awsome...thanx guys
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    first we need stats
    cycle exp
    training exp

    test enth and deca , which i figure is what your taking, need to be injected 2x a week, not once, you need alot of work on this cycle so post your stats so we can help you

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    UM. . . this cycle is rediculously bad. Like no planning at all.

    Test Tren and Deca as a cutting cycle?

    2 19-nor compounds?

    only taking test for deca dick? Test is the BASE of every cycle

    please research bro

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    yea maybe test prop and tren for 8 wks should get you what you want. no need for the deca bro. tren is a muth f..ka to so research before jumpin into that shit.

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    all bs aside it didnt go as planned.... i wanted to get test prop and thats it.... cause im gonna make my tren i pretty much got what i could....cause it was local and i am moving in the next week or 2 and i wanted to get my hands on something yea im pretty much trying to make chicken salad outof chicken shit right now...thats why im trying to cut down though...ive had real good results in the past with just prop and tren and thats what i was going for this time.... but this is what i got.

    age: 23
    High: 6'1"
    weight: 250
    Bf: 17 or 18
    cycle exp: BS dbol in HS 2 or 3 time (no research done at all)
    Tren, test prop, t3, and clen almost a year ago ( lots of research done)
    Traing exp:4 or 5 years on and off.....really serious in the past 2 o n a ****ing mission...i do a.m cardio 5..6 days a week then i go again in the evening and hit the weights real hard(HIT) then i do some more cardio after that (HIIT)
    Diet: high protien low carb

    its really hard for me to lose the weight but i have no prollems putting it on.

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