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    My first post: Looking for tips and any advice

    Hey all. As you can see this is my first post. I made sure to read over a lot of the newbie information so that I don't sound like a broken record because I am sure that you get plenty of stupid questions on here lol.

    I have not lifted in quite a few years (or even consistently exercised either), but I am slowly getting back into the grind of working out this week. I am not looking to steroids immediately as a "quick way to get ripped" or anything like that, but I would eventually like to consider the option of using them. First off my stats are: 25 years old, 5'11, 215lbs, and in relatively decent shape. As I said above, I haven't consistently worked out in a while, so I gained a lot of body fat over the last year or two (but I don't have a huge gut. I am built pretty stocky). Obviously weighing 215lbs at 5'11 is overweight for someone who isn't ripped from head to toe, so my first goal is to drop at least 20lbs of that fat before even considering steroids. Also, I want to get my mind set correct and workout routine consistent before I jump the gun and start a cycle. Anyways, any advice that you guys could give me about which cycles would be best for me or just anything in general would be much appreciated because I am still educating myself on steroids. My ultimate goal obviously is to be somewhere around 190-200lbs and ripped from head to toe (Im sure you guys have never heard that before lol), but I understand that that is not something that will happen overnight and will take hard work. Thanks

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    welcome mate, goodluck

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    welcome you should find lots of info and help this is a great comunity, even if there's a constant alpha male push

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    No question is stupid, ask away, but there are some real jerkheads who will probably rip on someone every chance they get, but hey, I blame it on the testosterone .

    I can probably guess what most people are gonna say. What's your bodyfat% at? Get your diet and training in check! Anywho, welcome and good luck!

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