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    Lose weight, get tone, add a little mass....

    Hello Folks,
    1st time poster here. New to the steroid game. I'm somewhat obsessive compulsive about my workout stuff, by which I basically mean that I go for periods where I am very focused about working out and eating healthy(4-5 months) and have gotten some relatively good results in the past. The I go through periods where I eat a bunch of garbage and drink a lot of beer.

    I'm coming off a period where I was working out daily then stopped. I worked out sporadically for a few months but my diet was terrible and a drank a lot of beer. I lost the shape I had and looked terrible.

    I'm back on the saddle now, I've been working out 4-5 times week for a few weeks now and want to make the most of this motivation while I've got it. I work out with a guy who is fit and played(s) competitive sports. He's been through the steriod stuff for several years and seems to know his stuff. I've also been reading on line what I can.

    I'm 40 yrs old. 6'2" and weighed in at a nasty, sloppy, ugly 248 lbs the other day. I have a wide build, but am not super thick naturally. Alot of the fat I'm carrying now is around my gut/belly--which I'd like to lose.

    I would lilke to get to 6'2" and around 215 (which is where I was about 9-10 months ago).

    so far, we tried some winstrol and primabol(injections). I've have had no problems and no noticeable side effects. We've ordered more winstrol, and plan on adding HGH in a few weeks.

    For the experienced experts out there, does this sound right and do you have other recommendations? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    The Belly

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    You should not be using any steroids until you have the dedication to stick to your routine for at least a year or two. Diet and cardio will get the results you desire, you're looking for a shortcut to make up for your lack of discipline.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    I suggest you get your diet in order before using drugs, especially since you just started back recently.

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    first off this is a lifestyle not a fad. you need to be deticated to this before you cycle. now you have been working out for a few weeks now?? you dont need aas you need will-power. with that out of the way your cycle sucks. need to do more research. winstrol should not be ran by itself. and also you seem to have the misconception (as many do) that winstrol burns fat.. it does not burn fat. what is your BF%?

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    im not experienced on the HGH thing so i can not comment on it...what i can comment on is before you jump on any gear you should get your body back down to 215 where you were 9months ago

    clean your diet and get rid of the beer..theres no easy fix...if you have a high BF% all winstrol would do is harden your muscles (its not a fat cutter like everyone thinks) and you wont be able to see your muscles under all that fat...i think it would be good for you to run some type of test with the winn (if you decide to take it) dont NEED to..but it will help out


    you did it before why not push yourself to do it again?

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    dude stop drinking im 18 and dont drink its not hard

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    Something that helps me lose weight easily is to walk on the treadmill for an hour every morning. You do not have to run! Just walk. If you do not get up and eat some sugar, but rather go to the bathroom, grab a water bottle and walk on the treadmill for an hour before eating or drinking anything, the pounds will start to come off. Good Luck.
    Also, you do not need AAS at this point as it will put too much strain on your body. Wait until your BF is closer to 10% and then ask us about them again.

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    If i named myself Beerbelly on a AAS forum.....i would instantly know that i am not ready for AAS and need to get on the treadmill and watch what the hell i eat....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstraw428 View Post
    If i named myself Beerbelly on a AAS forum.....i would instantly know that i am not ready for AAS and need to get on the treadmill and watch what the hell i eat....
    This is so right!! WTF with Ur name

    WINN is not Phin Fin!! Hit the tredmill and loss the dark beers!! Get your BF down and then think about WINNY

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    y do do some people still continue to USE WINNI WITHOUT TEST and think that winni is a miracle fat burner! .. it is ONLY considered a pre-contest drug b/c of the hardness factor and the striations it will give the user that already has a low body fat percentage!

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    Right now I'm cutting my weight from 265, started 4 weeks ago. I'm down to 247, and will continue, I want to be at least down below 240 before I leave for a long cruise in 2 weeks.

    Wanna know what I'm using?

    There are no drugs needed to get thinner.

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