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    Need advice on dosages, pct and start times

    35 yo 5' 9" 190 lbs. been back in the gym for about 3 years now. Have done a small handfull of cycles over the years and just got my hands on some hgh (blue tops, never did hgh before). I have 3 kits of the hgh, 30 amps of sustanon and 60 cc's of winny. i dont have anything for pct. I have never taken any pct cuz my sources never have it. Wouldn't know what to take for pct anyway.

    Question #1: Do I NEED pct? If so, what should I try to get my hands on? Are pct substances controlled like steroids or are they obtainable online?

    Question #2: What would be the most effective stack for lean muscle with what I have?

    I was thinking 4 iu's hgh per day mon-fri. 2 amps per wk of the sustanon and 50 mg winny every three days. Should I do the winny e.o.d? Should I run all three compounds for 12 weeks at the same time or stagger my start times with the different compounds? When should I start the pct?

    Thank You!!

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    answer 1: Yes, you DO need PCT if you dont wanna do irreversible damage to your HPTA axis. PCT substances can be obtained online at ar-r

    answer 2: You need to read the threads and decipher that for yourself

    hold off your cycle until you do more info gathering


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