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    What kind of gains on this cycle?

    250mg Test cyp week 1-14
    600mg Eq a week 1-14

    diet 3500cals, protein 350-400g.

    age 21
    weight 190
    training 6 years.

    what kind of stregth gains could I expect on this? and I know 500mg of test is best for a first cycle but I am just curious????

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    id say the same strenght gains as 500-600mg test e imo id prefer to do that cycle rather than straight 500mg test better more quality gains with the eq.

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    eq is one of the safer steroids and if your 100% against a test only cycle for your first then eq or primo are the 2 best stackers. personally i would raise the test to 400mgs because thats what is oing to give to the majority of your gains.

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