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    Question Cycle Question

    I started a new cycle yesterday, it consits of

    500mg Test E / week (12-13 weeks)
    75mg Trenbolone Acetate / EOD (10 weeks)

    My question is - I have enough D-bol for about 2.5 weeks at 30mg / day. Basically 53 x 10mg pills from a previous cycle. Again - my queston is - would it be worth it to take the D-bol for the first few weeks of the cycle or is it not enough, time wise. Would it help at all? Or maybe even hurt the cycle? So, it would make the cycle below:

    500mg Test E / week (12-13 weeks)
    75mg Trenbolone Acetate / EOD (10 weeks)
    30mg D-bol / day (2.5 weeks)

    Also, all I have at the moment to take during the cycle to offset water retention and gyno is some lion Tamox. Would I be better off with Arimidex (Anastrozole) or would the Tamox be a fair repaclement? I tired to order some lion Anastrozole tonight but the credit card system seems to be down. Thanks in advance.

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    cycle looks good. adding the dbol couldnt hurt. but your tren will kick in quickly so i would just save the dbol for another cylce.

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    Yes, you could add the dbol , wont do any harm at all.

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