I posted a few posts in the beginning because I was skeptical weather the stuff was fake. I have confirmed it is real.

Today I begin week 5 and weighed myself again and it was 189lb. That is an increase of 15lb in four weeks. All exercises have increased in strength considerably.

Thanks to the guys who told me not to abort my cycle and ride it out. I have been injecting .6ml EOD or 525mg. This week I am uping it to .7ml or 612mg per week.

I never get any crazy pumps during my workout, which made me skeptical, but I guess its just me. Being noticeably bigger, heavier and stronger is the true indicator.

The first two weeks my food intake was high but I have pumped it up in the last two weeks and I have exploded.

I am 6ft, 189lbs and about 12 to 14% body fat.

I wanted everyone here to take a look at my routine and tell me wether it is good or not.