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    Dbol, sus250 and deca cycle. Nolva? when to take it?

    I'm taking Dbol with sus250 and Deca . I have alot of Nolvadex and I'm not sure when to take it because someone gave me advice not to use it with Deca. I dunno if its true but when should I take it. I'm about 4 weeks in and I have about 2 weeks of dbol left and I dont wanna waste it and its all I got for now. I'm getting a lump also under my left nipple too. I know what it is but thats what nolva is suppose to take care of correct? Thanks.

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    im new myself but this is the kind of stuff you research before u start your cycle.. plus if u got a lump u should start letro at .25ml

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    first bro you heard rite.. do not use nolva while taking any 19 nor compound. could just make it worse. now you really need to get into the pct section and learn how to use those compounds and what they are for. get yourself some letro and start running it at .25mgs per day. if the lump does not seem to be going away after a couple of days then raise the dose. keep doing this untill it is gone. now would you lay out your stats and your current cycle so i can see what it is you are doing?

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