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Thread: Browning out

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    Cool Browning out

    I heard some where that bodybuilders take this powder 2 weeks before contests that makes them go brown. Is this true. If so what is it called and where can I get some

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    this is far fetched but....

    your from south africa shouldnt you have a damn good tan as it is????


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    Go on the Net Search for tanning tablets and you will find lots of companies selling what you need.

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    There is one called Canthxanthin. I tried it before and was all psyched at getting an all over tan without paying for a tanning bed. I started turning an orange color and looked flushed all the time. The palms of my hands even turned orange and people would ask me what I had on my hands. If I were you I would just lye in the tanning bed, lay out in the sun, or use ProTan if your in a competition. Stay away from the pills though, you'll turn orange all over.

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