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    cutting out d-bol a big loss?

    Hey what's up my Brothas of Iron!! Ok, that's a little over the top, but I love ya'll..for real. and i have a question for a vet or a know-it-all, or anyone who wants to answer..first, my stats since that is customary. 23 years old, 5'6 173 8% body fat. 1 cycle under my belt and I am getting ready for cycle 2 starting in July. I have decided after much research and debate, to run 12 weeks sustanon /10weeks deca /4weeks d-bol. I am just wondering how detrimental cutting out the d-bol would be on the overall effectiveness of the cycle. I know it is guesswork and depends on many variables, but I would still like to know in general or get some opinions. Would it be likely to greatly effect my net gains over the course of the cycle or would i probably get similar overall gains without the kick start from the d-bol? I'd greatly appreciate some input from the vast knowledge pools that many of you have. please help!

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    its fine to leave out the dbol . all you will be missing out on is a lot of bloat and some fast strength. trust me a deca and sust cylce will give you all you want and more. imo the only purpose for dbol is quick gradification.

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    Agreed! Nate is pretty much on the money...only personal differance is i would use tbol instead...that way i can get my quick gradification

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPS226 View Post
    Hey what's up my Brothas of Iron!!
    Nice one.

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    If you can run it I would. I get a lot of strength and size from it. I like to run it the first 4 weeks and the last 4 weeks before PCT. This way I run it 2 weeks past my last test shot to keep some juice in me while all the test leaves my system.

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