I have been doing some reading regarding starting steriods for the first time and taking peoples ideas. I am 25years old, 12 stone, in good shape, 5ft 10". I am looking for a safe, but gradual cycle to add hopefully 1.5stone bulk up abit but be ripped. I have come up with the following cycle. Please add any comments good, constructive or bad: -

8 week cycle
Primo 100mg twice a week (Mon and Thurs)
Winstrol 50mg per day
Anavar 30mg everyday (depending if can get hold of it)

If cant get anavar it will be Primo and Winstrol, if i can it will be all 3.

Start on week 7 of cycle for 3 weeks.
Week 7 - 5000iu HCG
Week 8 - 5000iu HCG
Week 9 - 5000iu HCG

Milk Thistle throughout if needed.

Diet: -

7am Jordanís Oat Cereal Weightgain 1500
1. L-Glutamine 1x5g

10am Tin of TunaWholemeal brown bread2. L-Glutamine 1x5g

11am 1. AAKG 1x1.5g

12pm Extra Low fat tub of Cottage Cheese

1.30pm Lunch:Wholemeal pasta, tin of chopped tomatoes and tuna OR chicken mixed3. L-Glutamine 1x5g

3.30pm Chicken legs or tin of tuna

4.30pm 2. AAKG 1x1.5g 1. 3x CEE

5pm GYM

6.30pm After gym: Weightgain 15002. 3x CEE

7.15pm Tea: Normally chicken, rice etc4. L-Glutamine 1x5g

8.30pm Chicken breast or chicken legs

9pm 5. L-Glutamine 1x5g3, AAKG 1x1.5g

10pm Weightgain 1500

Any advice would be great especially on the selected cycle, is it ok, should it be different, what would you recommend...its my first one!