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    Fatigue right before pct


    I ahve jsut finished my 12 week cycle of Sust, Deca and Anadrol . I am in day 10 after the last shot of Sust and i feel a total wreck. Mood and libido are ok i guess but i feel totally exhausted. I guess it is common after altering diet and with the low test levels not to mention increased estrogens and cortisol.

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start PCT with Nolva, HCG , Aromasin rihgt now or wait until the 18th day after the last Sust shot?

    Any ideas?

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    yeah thats me in avvy
    I'd start hitting the HCG and nolva now bro..

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    Thanks man i thought so too..

    I have been using the last 3 weeks 500iu/week of HCG .
    Do you think that i should shot 500 a day now? Or should i lower the dosage to 250?

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