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Thread: 1st cycle

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    1st cycle

    I am 6"5 263 at around 20%BF. I am big(not fat) with a small stomach on me which I have been cutting off by diet and cardio. I want to start my 1st cycle, I read for me to cut up a good cycle would be winstrol 100mg everyother day and Test Prop 125mg every other day. How would that work out for me? I was also thinking if I should do a bulking cycle than the cutting afterwards. Thanks

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    How old are you?

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    21 years old

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    you are 20% bf? IMO thats to high, you can lose weight naturally and get down to 16% then think about a cycle... and ur 21....

    the hazards of AAS useage will increase with the higher bf%

    and i agree w/ phate... (below me)
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    if you are 20%bf but you think you aren't fat then something doesn't add up, not saying you're wrong, just that alot of people estimate wrong, though i bet you go it measured, which can be off as well

    post some pics so we can see you, a front shot and side shot with shorts and no shirt will allow us to guage your bf better

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