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Thread: Cycle Length!

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    Cycle Length!

    I have recently completed a cycle of test. 250 cyp. and deca 200. I was doing 750 of cyp a week split into two injections, and the deca I did 400 a week split into two injection. I am doing an anti e right now and am anxious to start another cycle. This last cycle was 12 weeks. Is it possible to take a month break or should it be longer? Any recommendations on the length one should take a break before starting a new cycle? Also, I have some test pheny. and was thinking about bridging. Any thoughts? THANK YOU FOR ANY POSSIBLE INPUT...

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    you should wait longer than a month.
    time on + pct = time off.

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    ^^^^^ bingo! at least or more.

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    even better, get bloodwork done.

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