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    TESTOGEL.. lil help?

    i just got the packets of Testogel.... Now i want to know if anyone has had any experience with them... i just finished two cycles of Test 400 and took a month off, and i just got a bunch of the testogels. I heard many people say that for the money they're not worth it, but dont worry, i got them for free. What is your experience of them and are they worth doing if you get them for free? i read the reccommended dosage is 1-2 packets per day in the morning, but this is for HRT.. If i up the dosage to 3-4 packets a day, woudl that be better? or worse? will i just be an emotionally unstable mess? Also i plan on stacking it with some Sust in a couple of weeks.. any thoughts or ideas or opinions guys?

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    For muscle building they are useless, for HRT they ok but still is a weak comparison to other HRT compounds.

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    I dunno much about them but I hear they are a waste of time and money. I would never use them.

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    not enough test gets into your blood. My buddy used them and it did nothing but take away his natural test. Stick with the sus.

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    what isthis used for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yassar View Post
    what isthis used for?
    besides bumping a year old thread instead of searching? hrt.

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