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    Red rice yeast harsh on liver??

    Red rice yeast is suppose to be just like a statin....

    Which some say is already harsh on the old liver

    Is best to take only at the end of oral Anavar cycle

    or can you run it through out?

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    I may be wrong but my doctor suggested it as a cholesterol helper and never mentioned my liver and I was in getting lab results to see if my liver and I was ready to go

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    I'm using Red Yeast Rice while on a Tbol cycle to help me "control" LDL... It is supposed to help out improve HDL... I'll only know if it works in the end of PCT after new blood work though...

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    I heard and not sure that you can lose your hair after taking this for a long while. Thats why i never got on it cause i like to keep my hair on my head. I am wondering if anyone heard this or not or had problems with it.

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