clean diet......! when i first came to this sight i wanted to cut and shred like sly stallone and other movie stars. i wanted the magic cutting roid (at that time winny) guys here told me there was no such thing as a cutting roid but i didnt believe anyone cause i saw what that winny did to ben johnson. well as i learned about each compound i chose a 10 wk sus cycle and gained some great muscle but did not shred. i then did a prop tren eq and clen cycle but continued to eat like crap i gained hella muscle, strength, weight and vascularity but i was still not shredded, but i did look good. next cycle exactly the same but no clen and threw in a clean diet. i didnt gain as much muscle but i went to 12% body fat from 24%. in order to cut it takes discipline in my opinion a proper diet is harder than any workout there is. so all you cutters out there i hate to rain on your parade but a clean diet is the only way to go.