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    Exclamation Need some advise on steroids!!!

    Hi I am hopping someone would be kind enough to give me some honest advise.

    I am 21. 10.1/2 stone and 5ft 8, Slim but not toned. (Well not as much as I would like)

    I have been training now on and off for about 2 years. I have never taken steroids and maybe thinking of starting. People have so many different views that its just getting confussing.

    I weight train once every 2 days. I train my abs and chest one day and then my shoulders and biceps 2 days later. I also try to fit cardio inbetween.

    I am eating more protein, very low fat and also low carbs.

    I want to put on alittle bit more muscle and most importantly I want to be toned and have this 6 pac ive always dreamed of. I can feel my 6 pac but its just not as visable and toned as I would like.

    How do I put on muscle and get cut at the same time?
    Am I doing the right thing?
    Should I carry on as I have been doing?
    Should I start taking steroids and if so which ones would be the best for what I want?

    Proffesional advise would be very much appreciated. I am very dedicated but i want to do this right. I want to look like one of thoughs guys off the front cover of Mens Health. Im not far off just need pointing in the right dirrection. I want body fat to be minamal and gain alittle muscle rather than loose it!!!!!

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    You say you have trained "off and on", how long have you been seriously training since you went "on" the last time?
    What is your diet like?

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    First, you're only training 3 days a week, and only hitting abs twice. Is that correct? You need to get the cardio in instead of trying. As a matter of fact, besides your diet, cardio should be right there with ab work if a six pack is your goal.
    Why don't you check out the diet and workout forums for a little more help. I don't think juice is your answer right now man.

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    my first post here as I have been lurking and decided to join but my input is if you have only been working out for the past 2 years off and on(not solid) I would not say you are ready to think about steroids . I would visit the diet forum like mentioned above and get that settled first then get a proper routine than the one you have now. EAT, EAT, EAT if your looking to get bigger. Don't just to the conclusion that steroids are the way to go.

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    start training your legs.

    forget about steroids .

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