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    Question how much test e?

    ive got my cycle planned and still havnt ordered due to still learning but have read alot here on taking 600mg a week of test instead of 500mg, studies show a pretty good difference in gains, should a first timer run it with the proper nolva and l-dex on hand to keep estrogen conversion down? Theres also mixed opinions on running the armidex during the whole cycle or just when sides hit will you lose that many gains due to estrogen being supressed the whole time and messing with immunity?

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    1st time try 500ml a week pin every 3.5 days or 4th and use the proto call as ur and u will be fine..I'm 1/2 way in of E only 500ml a week working great well till I tore my ACL ..good luck

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    500ml per week 10-12 week cycle with good PCT and you will get good gains

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    plus most dosages of test are 250mgs so its easier to get the dosage of 500mgs.

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    You don't need high dosages to get good gains. Especially on your first cycle. I think people on this board use more than is necessary, in my opinion. In my first cycle I used less than 400 mg and gained 26 lbs.

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    300mg was plenty for me for my first cycle. I put on about 25 lbs. in fact, my last cycle was 200mgs of test e stacked with some t-bol. worked great.

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    600mg on my first going on wk 3. Going awesome, But I'm a big guy.

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