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Thread: A good Deca?

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    A good Deca?

    so i've been looking up Deca Durabolin online and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?...i've done 1 3 month cycle before of some Deca about 2 years ago...i don't remember what kind it was...but i do know that it was from Mexico...well a buddy of mine that i workout with said he was going to do a cycle so i said i was in...we were thinking about ordering it online...i almost posted the link to it here...but read the rules first is the kind we are thinking of getting...don't know the brand name but thought you guys might know if its good or not just from this pic...thanks in advance

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    just bcoz they have the pic on their website doesnt mean thats what you will get

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    Do you stack the deca with anything?

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