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    I'm Because Of The Great Help....question

    I made a mistake when i was younger and took a 60 cap bottle of Superdrol without pct. I didn't know any better i just did it cause my friends said i would get bigger. I got bigger and stronger but once i got off i lost everything. I still worked out and still do but i was thinking of taking Test E 1cc a week because i think i may have low test because of not taking pct after superdrol.I'M 19 5'10 175LBS my diet is very good i follow one given to me by perfectbeast2001... If i take test E 1cc a week for 10 weeks and follow up with nolvadex 40 then 20 for six weeks is that good enough pct or should i add an A.I. like Aromasin ?

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    too young too small

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