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    greetings fellas,

    hope every1 is all alright myself, with the exception of a little problem im currently concerned with.

    my supplier has var tabs. i dont want to mention lab names of price names, but in order to distinguish whether or not they r legit ill say that they are b*****h ------ guess thats the best way i cud describe it..

    any ways, i checked fthe pills out in my gym today and they are a light peach with the slit in middle and the number 10 for the represented dosage with the 2 initials of the company on the other side of the pill. they dont look spotted. but i was under4 the impression that they cud be faked..guess i want to know if anyone is currently using them..or recently used them and what were your results.

    i cud really use some responses here from everyonee, cuz id rather not get sumtin bunk.

    thanks guys..stay BIGG!

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    I think you'd get a better reply putting up a pic in the steroid pic forum (as long as you obey all the relevant rules of posting)

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