week 1 - 12 Test E 200 mg
week 1- 10 Deca 200 mg
week 6-12 HCG 500 mg
week 11 - 14 Clomid 100 mg per day
week 11 - 14 Nolva 20 mg per day
week 11 - 14 Arimidex 20 mg per day

Sunday i will be taking last test e injection.
1) Should I start my PCT the following week?
2) Should clomid intake be spread out through the day?
3) Is any of the PCT affected by food intake? (should i take it all during a certain time of day)

I also have experienced some hair thinning on top of my head. i have searched site for hair loss and it mostly talks about propecia while on cycle and not off of it.
4) if i start taking propeica and using nizoral (shampoo) during my PCT should i expect to regain a little bit of the hairloss?