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    Pickin up some stuff...

    Wuzzup all,

    I am going to be picking stuff up tomorrow. I plan on picking up some Test400, Boldenone200, Clomid, Clen , Kyno(maybe), and I need help with this next one: I will finish 2 weeks of my ttokyo anadrol 50 this Sunday. I still have 2 more weeks of oral to go...should I stick with Anadrol and maybe raise it to 100mg/day or should I move to a less powerful D-bol at 40-50mg/day? Anything else you can reccomend for me? I am now 240 lbs., 6ft. tall. I need more Mass/strength...I would also like to cut down a little at the same time...I was going to get some Tren75 but it is too expensive for me right now.

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    in my opinion, dbol is a much better choice than anadrol .

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    CYCLEON Guest
    nothing wrong with drol for a few weeks and you are sizeable already. As long as you dont run cycles constantly drol can be a good choice IMO but you will need to take extra care to your protectants. Nothing wrong with dbol either and if you havent exhausted your gains with that you could run it longer than Drol.

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    either way you can't go wrong, but i would go to the dbol and extend a little

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    the abombs get my vote....................... especially if your looking to add more mass, keeping it is a different story though.

    peace bb79

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    what I would do would be take the drols and the dbals hehe

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    Mike Guest
    If you have done two wks of anadrol already I would go ahead and throw 4wks of dbol in - if you decide to stay with A50 then bump to 100 and just do for 2 more wks though - also - I would ditch the test 400 but thats my own personal rant and few agree with me

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