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    Parabolan from pharmacy...

    hey guys im slightly concerned here and wondering if you could help me out.

    i recently bought some parabolan from a close friend of mine whome had taken 2 viles but has a football scholly so had to stop

    my question is how can i tell if it's fake? it seems legit... ive been taking it for just under 2 weeks now and i've gained 12 pounds and am losing fat percentage...

    it's in a clear little pointy bottle, with a white ring on the neck where it breaks, clearish yellow liquid, little bit of an odd smell, red lettering on bottle


    smaller underneath Trenbalone
    under that some shit in french something rather perscriptace
    then on the side it has the lot # and the expiration date which is 07/2009

    i heard that negma is producing it in small quantities still and my friend gets it from a reliable source or so he thinks, but he says it's not parabolan, it's
    tren -p which is the same as para except that it's a diff brand name... im kind of confused... i also tried scratching off the lettering and i couldn't get it off with a ****ing drop of acid its really on there...

    any answers would be great

    ps. my friend said that the guy who gets it, gets it straight from a pharmacy in the states which has recently started producing their version of para called "tren-p" but still uses the parabolan name because of its popularity... hard to believe seeing as how negma has copyrights to it...

    but the shit i have is in french and matches all the pics on the net i've seen of their bottles expect the expiration date is obviousley diff... anyways

    any responses would be great

    thanks guys


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    Is it in the blue and white Negma boxes?

    Posting a pic in the correct section would be your best bet buddy.

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