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    Skipping steps while making tren?

    Ok, I just made a batch of Tren , and as with anything that I do myself I have certain doubts about whether or not I did it correctly.

    After I dissolved the fina pellets into the solution completely, I poured it into the vial of Oil and shook it vigorously as directed. Then I let it sit for about a day so all the gunk settled to the bottom. The next step called for extracting the ďcleanĒ (or at least more clean) tren off the top and putting it into another vial before using the coffee filter to get out the gunk. When I turned the bottle upside down to pour the remaining oil and gunk into the funnel with the coffee filter, the gunk just stuck to the bottom of the bottle. I didnít think anything of it, and figured since I would have MORE than enough for an 8 week cycle with the amount that I already have in the vial, I didnít force it out.

    I completed the steps as normal using the whatman filters to put the oil into the sterile vial.

    My question: Is not letting the gunk sit in the coffee filter to get the last bit of oil out a bad thing? Since the oil sat for a day could this effect the dosage per ml? Iím sorry if this sounds like a stupid question for those of you who understand the chemistry of this, but my thought process is that the tren could have possibly settled to the bottom with the gunk. I just want to make sure Iím not just injecting myself with sterile oil and little to no tren.

    Iíd appreciate any insight in this matter. I want to be as safe as possible.

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    it way be a possibly a little weaker. but you def got tren in there and its not just plain oil

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    it could be weaker than you intended, so you might have to run more of it to get the same effect.

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    your fine. the gunk at the bottom is just filler and glues. the tren is desloved in the oil. the coffee filter step can be skiped all together if you want to. this will not have any bad effect on your tren dosage.

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