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    People who have used eq ONLY~!

    Alright I have heard so many mixed things about ea from people! So I only want to hear from people who have used it!!!! and dont lie and say you have If you havent....

    How much did you use?

    Did you take it alone? or with somthing?

    How did you like it?

    what wher your strength gains?

    how much size did you gain?

    how long did you run it for?

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    Is there a reason you couldn't have asked this in your "eq only" thread here:

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    My first one was 400mg a week for 10 weeks and that all I took. besides pct. gained about 5lbs but looked hella better, veins buldging 24/7, basic lifts were all up about 20lbs. Im getting ready to run it alone at 600mg for 12-14 weeks with some clen and t3 cant wait to really looked shredded. I loved, but everybody responds differently. If youve ran acouple cycles already it might be best to combined it with something else.

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