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    delt injection MAJOR PAIN; what did I do wrong?

    Did a delt injection, Pain was so freaking intense. I almost hit the floor; After almost throwing the syringe down I started the shower letting hot water hit my arm. The pain subsided after twenty or so minutes. A small bump the size of a pea lingered on my arm for an hour or so. It’s been a day and all is well now.

    Other related facts:
    1ml tren w/normal ba used a a 25G 1” pin
    I did hit this same site within a week
    I made this gear and used the same vial of gear two day’s prior with no issue’s

    So what the heck happened? Did I hit a nerve? Never had this occur before and been using gear for a few years now.

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    I'm experiencing the same thing with my home brew tren . I've only done 2 injections so far, left shoulder and right shoulder. After about 5 hours it wasn't a pain anymore, but just a soreness. I read a lot of different threads about tren injections being painful, so I just sorta figured I need to suck it up.

    I haven't gotten tren cough yet, or night sweats, but it's only bee 4 days so far. I will say that the discomfort is enough to keep me from shooting ED, and I'll be sticking to EOD even though I was told that side effects would be less noticeable with ED injections. If the side effects become worse than the injections themselves, I'll consider doing ED.

    Can anyone confirm that this pain is typical?

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    to me it sounds like you annoyed something and it filled up with fluid to start the healing process.

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