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    hi guys! im going to start my cycle soon "deca /test", i was going to use exemestane throught my cyle to prevent any gyno unfortunatly i cant get any, i do have however some liquidex on hand. I aint sure if this is a serm but can it be run through cycle in place of the exemestane? I know that nolvadex cant be used because of the deca and the fact that its a serm but what about the liquidex? thanks

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    From what ive read its not as strong as exemestane but it can be run during your cycle. some ppl run it as low as .25mg eod too keep some estrogen for gains but i guess you will have to figure out the best dose for you. I dont think you would want to run it more than 1mg ed unless you want almost no estrogen but then again your choice. Its not a SERM though its an aromatase inhibitor (AI), just a liquid form of arimidex (Anastrozole).
    Also I haven't read anything about not being able to combine with 19-Nor(deca ) as u stated with nolva.
    Thats just my 2 cents worth.

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