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    pregnyl - how,how much,how often

    First time using pregnyl. My first problem is that one of my amps of solution broke in delivery. Isn't it just like distilled water? Is there something else I can mix it with ? Im pretty sure I take it once a week, but how long after my last shot of E and for how long ? Also, I got some Winni with my pregnyl. I still have 5 wk of enanthate left so would it be better to take winni now, after E, or after pregnyl ?

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    for starters, have you searched or read any of the educational posts? the information you ask for has been listed time and again. this will get you started...

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    I run HCG throughout my entire cycle.....250ius 2x a wk.........and then two weeks before the end of my cycle, i will up it to 500ius eod....i will do this for the two weeks prior to the end....and then i start my PCT the same day as my last HCG injections.....

    This keeps my testicles big and full, and i feel the increase right before PCT will help the body to fully recover faster once AAS use is ceased and PCT begins...This is what i follow....

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