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    Question question

    do i inject B12 with a steroid ?

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    you dont need to inject anything with b-12, its fine injected by itself. was that what you were asking?

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    Re: question

    Originally posted by debo
    do i inject B12 with a steroid?
    First, read the replies to your other question under the"Cyanocobalimin" thread. There's more detail there.

    That said, the answer is no. If you are going to shoot B12, it would normally be shot in the deltoid muscle (it is water based, so there is no need to inject in the glute) with a 25-gauge, 1" needle. (Of course, if doing a delt shot, you should have someone else do it so it goes in at the right angle.) Cyanocobalimin generally comes 1,000 per milileter, meaning that you would inject 1 ml once a month.

    Also remember to aspirate the needle as you would with any other injection. Most cyanocobalimin is red in color, but light enough that you should still spot any blood that enters the needle when you aspirate. Of all uinjectables, B12 is one of the easiest to work with, but you should still follow proper procedure.

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