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    I stumbled on to AR while trying to get back to
    What i found was a bunch of people who are friendly and very helpful, & seem to know alot about what they are doing.
    And so this is the place to ask.

    What has a better effect on fat burning.
    Liquid clen or the pill form.
    and how does this comapre to an ECA stack like Xenadrine?


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    IMO the best clen is probably super clen, standard 0.02mg clen is affective, the liquid stuff I don't know over priced in what I have seen. Clen and ECA are very similar both increase body temp and are class as beta antagonists. They work well when cycled together two weeks clen two weeks ECA, this ensures the body doesn't get use to one item and therefore lessen the results. If you can tolerate ECA you will be fine with clen, i prefer it, though I am getting annoying prickly heat at the mo, which is a first.

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    liquid clen is about the same as pill form , but you get less for your dollar. i've used the mexican spiropent liquid and liked it alot. its comparable to novagam. over the border liquid is about $8 , where as pills are about $4.50 a box(20)

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