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Thread: Thiomucase???

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    Has anyone used this and if so, what were your results? and were you satisfied with them?

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    Arrow Thimoucase Answer

    Thiomucase cream is ok at putting some finishing touches on an already lean physique. It will pull some water out from under the skin, but won't perform any miracles. I use it the final two weeks before a show on a few select areas. I rub it on b4 I train and b4 tanning.

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    i know people who have used it right before they tan a few days out from a show to get rid of some excess water and tighten the skin...but the "results" are very temporary
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    i have this stuff and am planning on using it for this show next week! i have used it in the past and yeah, it does work by stimulating the skin to sweat the water out. it shows the best effects on someone whose bdyfat is really low though and the condition is very temporary, like a day or so. as soon as you start taking in all kinds of fluids, fugedaboutit...smooth!
    oh yeah, it makes a great addition to wrinkle reduction!


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