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Thread: AAS and ECA

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    AAS and ECA

    Hi there...
    Im going to do a cycle, I need to cut some fat also, so Im gonna be carefull with the carbos, etc......

    The question that i have is:

    What do u bros think about doing AAS cycles, and using ECA at the same time?, please help me......!

    Take care,
    David Romero

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    you could probably do them togather but might not be a good idea if your bp is high.
    depending on the cycle,i quess.
    alot of guys use the clen /eca stack post cycle to shred it up a little more.
    you could start with clomid,since it dosent effect htpa,and is anti-catobolic

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    I've done it... no serious probs... and like 4 plates said... watch the blood pressure, prostate, and things of that nature.

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    up an ass
    running juice and nyc just got back form the hospital, they wondered why my b/p was 140/90, not that high but not normal


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    I do not recommend it with cutting drugs such as Winnie, the cramps are very painfull and since the winnie gets ride of the water already, it's hard to stay hidrated and healthy!

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