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    Possible Infection?

    My brother and I both live at home so we keep our gear together in one place so noone finds it. We always use 25g 5/8 pins for delt shots of sustanon and EQ, its always been painless no problem. my bro gave some needles away to our friends, leaving me on monday with one pin that i used on thursday. since its monday and i gotta take my shot, i used it anyway. i woke up today with a VERY swolen delt and its VERY red. i cant even raise my arm in the air or even touch it. its not an oil build up because i dont feel any oil, its just all swollen. what should i do?

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    that was a really stupid thing to do man... go to the doctor right away... tell him you got poked with a rusty pin or something.

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    See your doctor.

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    SEE A DOC. NOW!! And yes, I'm yelling.

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