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    Thumbs up I think i got it!

    Alright i think i have finally made up my mind lets see what everyone thinks. All of my reserch have came to the conclusion of

    Deca @ 400 week 1-10
    Test ent @ 400 week 1-6
    Winny @ 50 eod 6-10
    Clomid @ 300 / 100 / 50

    This will be a bulking cycle however i cut the test short due to the fact one of my buddies with the same build as mine doing ten weeks of test he was holding way to much water. I have done one cycle last summer which was just winny and i loved the results but feel they were mostly from a strict diet and training . My goal is to put on 20 solid pounds this will be achievable right?

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    Well i would run the Test 10 weeks as well
    On most people Test E just starts to kick in around week 4.
    Just a thought for ya to consider

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    If you are worried about holding water get some arimidex or liquidex to reduce the bloat. You need to run test 10 weeks to get the real benefits of it. Like Totenkopf said, it doesn't start to kick in really til week 3-4.

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    Run the test 10 weeks like Toten said.
    Run the winny weeks 9-13 then go straight into clomid 2 days after last winny administration...

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    I wouldn't cut the test short. Even if your buddy has the same build its doubtful you would react the same way to ethanate. If you do start retaining water take some arimidex . Remember, it takes ethanate about 3 weeks to kick in, so you'll only have a short time for it to work if you cut it short a month early. If you decide you still want to cut it short, why don't you try test prop or susp? They are active faster, so you'll get the benefits longer, and you can keep taking it until the bloat shows up. They will be out of your system quickly when you stop. If the bloat doesn't show up, run them up to a few days before clomid. Just my 2 cents.

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    thanks for the replies, im aware of taking arimidex to try to keep the bloat down unfortunetly i have no way to come in contact with it. Is there anything else that would help i can get my hands on some nolvadex would that help?

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    there you go. run the noveldex 20 mg for me!

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