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    Best fat burner???

    I've got a sister who has been trying to lose a layer of fat for about 2 years. She does cardio and free weights regularly but the fat won't shed.

    She tried Ripped Fuel (Chromium Picolate, Ephedrine, Caffeine), but she didn't lose anything from it.

    What about T3 or Clen ? Would any of you recommend those? Which is better or should you stack both?

    Please respond if can help!

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    Try just the clen at first. It might be her diet...

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    If she has done her exercise and supps, thing only thing left is her diet. Its her diet bro.

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    absolutely her diet, there must be something wrong about it. Perhaps she consumes more calories than she burns at the gym or she takes sodium or drink milk and eat diary products that holds tons of water.
    T-3 would not be a good choice for a novice like her, she can try hydroxycut, ECA and Clen

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