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    is 1 half a tab a day enough for this cycle:
    week1-12 1000mg test enan
    week1-4 40mg dbol
    week8-14 100mg winny tabs
    should he keep nolvas on hand as well? what is the half life of arimidex ? does arimidex only need to be taken one time during the day or should it be split up? any help would be great. peace.

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    Half a tab of Armidex isn't going to be enough I don't think. But it depends on the individual. I bloat like a mofo on just 400mg of Test e, With that much test in your body per week, I would try to stick to somewhere between .5mg ED, to 1mg ED, again depending on how your body responds to the test e.

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    With that cycle i would take 1mg ED for sure. Yes, it's also a very good idea to keep nolv on hand, last cycle even though i was running arimidex i still ran into problems and needed to use my nolvadex . As for splitting it up throughout the day, that's not needed. Just take it once per day...

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