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    Post hey, knowledge get over here. :)

    This is kinda a presentation and I also have's a bunch of
    questions that is about anabolic stereoids.
    Yes I know that I should read the educational forums first, and I
    haven't, but the questions i have is pretty much personal and
    nobody's body is similar to 100% to the next one.

    Im 21(soon) years old, 91kg/202lbs and 183/~6,2", and been working out
    now and then for the past 2-2,5 years.
    I have grown, about 10kg, tho not all in muscles. Been clean so far.
    As you can probably guess im not a fastgainer as many else, and I've
    been thinking of using anabolic stereoids.

    But first i want to know a whole lot more in the subject than I already
    know, the media and my "knowledge" from school(biology lessons) have
    frightened me quite a bit.
    Now im studying as a civ.ingeneer and used to read naturescience
    in "high-school" or "gymnasiet."
    So, im not retarded enough to just jump into a bunch of stereoids and
    dont know what im doing.

    I want to be clear about exactly everything, and know everything before i start out, and I want you guys who apperantly have alot of
    experience from this matter on their minds.

    I want to get bigger, but not too big, so I wont be using stereoids for a
    very long time or so. I was thinking max 1-2 "cycles?".
    I've been asking alot of ppl what to use, most of them say testostoerone, and my own research have given me that it is a pretty solid and "safe" drug, not as safe as parabolan or so, but that is a bit expensive I think.
    My main questions is how much, and what stereoids do you recommend,
    and is it really that big difference between oral and injection stereoids of the same drug? (bieffects way.)
    I dont care if i dont grow HUGE at like 1 minute or so, I just want that push ahead so i can continue to grow a bit faster than I do atm but I dont want all those bieffects that can occurr.

    I would really apreciate if someone who really know what he's talking about said a good first time(and perhaps only) cycle for a guy like me.

    I know pretty much about everything to know about clomid and stuff, so you dont have to bring that up.

    I dont know bf% but if it can help, I can post how much I train on/lift in
    excercsises later if you wanna know in a hum how my size is if that matters when deciding the amount of anabolic stereoids I should use.
    No, I wont post a pic, dont have one.

    Mike_XXL please post, you seem to know a whole lot

    thank you for reading this too-long-whining text

    *I wish It didn't exists any backsides of anabolic stereoids*
    *then there wouldnt be an option other than using it*

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    Wow..that was a long one. Well 21 is a okay age to start the thing that bothers me is that you haven't been working out consistently for a long period of time. And with that I believe that I am safe to assume that your diet probably isn't right on as well.

    Answer this question first: Have you exhausted all your natural means of gaining muscle? If so then you can talk steriods .

    You say that you want to put on a few pounds but not get to big. So if you are going to do a cycle there is no need to go nuts with it. You will be a first time user so something light will do.

    I agree with people that are telling you do to test. I would opt for test prop if you can deal with the amount of injections if not you are going to have to go with one of the other esters. I say prop because it is in and out of the system fast and will not leave you with a large of amount of water gains.

    But at the same time I wouldn't just to test alone. You might want to stack it with winny or even primo or eq or deca . Look at the drug profiles and do some research see which one suits what you want out of AAS. Then we can go from there. You say you know you clomid stuff so fine..but don't forget about your anti-e's ie: arimidex , nolvadex , things like that.

    So do a search on this and get back to us.

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    You don't _have_ to reach your natural limit to use steroids , I'd say 99% of people who use never reached their natural potential prior to juicing. So far your attitude seems very positive. You aren't expecting miracles and lots of bros do, so that's good, you are ahead of the game. Do some more research bro and find what works for you. Everyone will give you a different cycle, you should research the drugs for yourself, read bros experiences with them and make a decision to tailor a cycle that meets your needs. You will be able to determine this best.

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    Bro, I'm going to suggest you get your diet and exercise routine 100% before you do the roids. All the guys here are probably getting bored with my saying this, but I'll do it anyway. Roids don't give you gains, they make the gains you make bigger. If you don't work out and eat right you won't see much in the way of gains. I read a post last night where a bro had done 8 cycles, and was taking a gram of test a week.
    He only weighed 195.
    You could not be eating enough, you need to eat massive amounts of food, mostly protein. It isn't easy eating all that food. Protein is what muscles are made of, you want it in your bloodstream at all times while you are trying to bulk. You should be consuming at least 400g of protein/day, and a total of around 5,000 to 6,000 cal/day. Eat good, nutrient dense foods, not fast food. Take a time release protein drink or eat a 3/4 lb 90%lean hamburger at bedtime. You want the protein in your bloodstream as you sleep, too. If you wake up at night, down a protein shake.
    You might also be overtraining. The rule of thumb on this is: If you can't add either weight or reps to each exercise every workout you are overtraining. Lower the number of sets, or reduce how many exercises you do, or reduce the number of training days until you can make an increase each time you work out. Make squats and deadlifts the main parts of your exercise routine. Make sure to get plenty of sleep. You should grow like a weed. When I was 18, I gained 28lbs of LBM in 9 months when I got my diet and exercise together. I think I could have doubled that with the supplements out now, and all the info available on this site. Give this a shot, it will pay off big time when you do get around to doing roids.

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    ah, neat that you guys are so fast and stuff, I know about the food thingy, but when I said "been working out for 2, 2-5 years now and then" or whatever I said i ment training HARD and eating like a pig, alot of pasta to get the carbs before training and alot of protein all over the day, creatine and whey fuel from twinlabs and stuff like that, Im very aware of the cost your'e having is 50% of the gain. ppl say 50/50(food/training), or even more ..

    I'm gonna do some research yes, but it's always good to hear from an experienced people of what they think I should do, then I can shorten the amount of time wasting on research to a smaller group, (primary looking up what they have been suggesting, and a couple of others..)
    instead of looking at pretty much every drug, kinda much

    thanks for the answers,
    and by the way, TRIBUTE ARNOLD WITH BUYING THE 25TH ANIVERSERY VIDEO OF PUMPING IRON!!!!!! (a new release that is.)


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    Originally posted by theWantToBe
    ppl say 50/50(food/training), or even more ..
    I would have to say
    Diet / Training / rest

    That is just my .02

    The reason why I said make sure you have reached your natural potentional is because I myself have seen it some many times, newbies and I am not saying you are a newbie but some newbies train for a few years on and off and they get feed up with how hard it accutually is. Then they resort to AAS. I just like to see people get everything right before they start and then when they do start keep everything right and you will get the results you are looking for.

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