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    I have read alot about it and see that it has some sides that i really dont like. Anyone with Dex experience have you gotten bad sides from it/what are your thoughts on it worth the price or not ???

    Any info will help
    I planned on using it next cycle

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    Yes I am actually using some my next cycle as well but it is not your standard Arimidex .. it is the liquid version, Liquidex. From what I have read in research the sides are not too bad at all... The high cholesterol is the only one that seemed to be any cause for concern to me. And the liquidex is very cheap and you only need to take 1/2 a cc orally every other day..

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    loving liquidex, has really helped my water retention in a big way. It is working incredibly fast as well. There are many good informational posts about this chemical and other anti e chemicals on this board. I found out tons about these new anti e's just by doing a search.

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